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Scal’s Muh Pal
December 13, 2008, 10:20 am
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So I’m at the Celtics game with Boov, dancing around in my Brian Scalabrine mask,

Scal Mask

trying to either get on the jumbo-tron, or better yet ESPN or CSN. I never made it on the big screen or TV. The people around us loved the mask and thought it was hilarious. So, midway through the fourth quarter, I throw the mask on and start dancing again. Me being blinded by the mask back, I hear Boivin saying something about “them looking”. I assume I’m on the jumbo-tron, turns out Scalabrine himself spotted me from the Celtics bench, and was pointing and laughing AT ME, with the likes of Sam Cassell and Eddie House, amongst others perhaps. 

If that wasn’t cool enough, what happened next, will go down as yet another amazing Celtics game experience for me. 

A Celtics rep guy comes up to me and tells me that Brian Scalabrine WANTS THE MASK. He said Scal would give me a pair of autographed sneakers for it. So hilarious and ridiculous, and awesome, and sooo unexpected. Scal saw his face from afar and decided it must be his.We were told to hang out a bit after the game and the rep guy would come back with a pair of signed sneakers in exchange for the mask. So, I get a pen from an usher and write: Property of John Cuadras and on the back of the mask, knowing that I needed to write SOMETHING, just not exactly what, so I gave him who I was, and where he can go to find out what I’m all about. So the rep guy comes back, and hands me a pair of size 16 sweaty game-worn autographed Brian Scalbrine Nike’s. “Thanks for the love”. So crazy. I ask the dude if I could give Scal the mask personally, but I got shot down, I gave him the mask, and it some weird desperate attempt for the Celtics to know who I am, I give the dude my business card and told him to give it to Scal. And thus the mask was off to the locker room where I’m sure Scal put it on and danced in from of the rest of the world champion Boston Celtics. All this Celtics luck is going to my head. I love it.



Size 16 complete with sweaty blood stain.



Just in case you’re not too familiar with Brian Scalabrine, here’s a nice little vid.


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That is so awesome John, seriously the oversized mask is an amazing product. It is infectious and brings joy anywhere it goes.

Comment by mas

So So so so so funnys

Comment by Deegan

I appreciate this entry. It answers the question, if an oversized mask floats to the top of an empty Garden, will hope fill the place?

Comment by Dabiv Dagis

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